The Charleston Gospel Singers (South Carolina, USA)

The Charleston Mass Choir is an outstanding professional group of singers and musicians from all around the Charleston South Carolina area. With their energy, passion and skill, this group can captivate any audience with their wide range of musical abilities. They have joined together to express their love of music and share their individual talents to bring spiritual uplifting music to those all over the world. There is no performance that is too big or too small.

The music of the Charleston Mass Choir is for everyone, everywhere, without exception. They can make you dance with their jazzy, funky rhythmic sounds and can cause you to reflect with their beautiful harmonies and masterful solos. The Charleston Mass Choir has travelled all over the world, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and filling hearts with joy and hope with their music. The Charleston Mass Choir believes that their music can help tare down barriers and build love.

The Charleston Mass Choir has sung with and for many world renown artist. When the Charleston Mass Choir share their talents of singing and playing, music becomes an event to experience.

Anthony Washington - lead vocal
Mildred Danieels - lead vocal
Essie Middleton - background vocals
Nykki Smalls - background vocals
Jerome Griffith - bass & vocals
Gary Bellinger - keyboard & vocals
Arian Herbert Land - drums